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Icons and more

Community Information
Trendsets is an icon community created by fitnesslove on May 8, 2009. Icons of all types of celebrities are posted here. We have a few rules that we would like to be followed at all times you can find those below. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may contact fitnesslove at her personal journal by sending a pm. Please click above to join the community! Thanks and enjoy. :)
Rules and Such
1. Please comment anytime you take something from a post. You may comment even if you aren't taking anything.
2. Credit everything you take by putting the username@trendsets in the comments.. like so:

3. Please do not edit, steal or claim any of the graphics as your own.
4. Respect the makers, and other members, do not start drama, zero tolerance, you will be banned.
5. If your journal is completely blank except for a few communities or it's extremely new.. I will remove you.
6.Lastly, promote your little hearts out. :D
Affiliates, Makers, and More
Current Makers
fitnesslove : examples

nuitdediamants | fandom_gifs | fridayglamour

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